Laboratório de Engenharia e Controle Ambiental

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(1) Nanostructured materials for photocatalytic process

(2) Treatment of wastewater and contaminated waters

(3) Electrochemical and Photoeletrochemical reactors

(4) Advanced Oxidative Processes

(5)  Industrial wastewater treatments

(6) Chemical, photochemical and solar reactors

(7) Chemical processes

(8) Natural resources and sustainability

(9) Conventional and conductive polymers: preparation, properties, processing and application

(10) Advances and prospective  of polymer composites enriched with natural fiber resources for industrial application

(11) Optimization and new advances in applications with MFC, microfibrillated cellulose

(12) Electrochemical applied in corrosion

(13) New advances in the study of orderly mesoporous materials: synthesis, functionalization, encapsulation and application in health and environmental systems

(14) Sustainable studies of alternative materials for application as adsorbents to capture pollutants in aqueous systems
(15)  Thermoanalytical studies of different materials  
(16)  Modeling and Simulation of chemical process 
(17) Polymers and polymerization reactions 
(18)  Molecular modelling