Laboratório de Engenharia e Controle Ambiental

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(1) Total organic carbon analyzer (TOC) applied to liquid and solid samples, presenting an autosampler and a module to solid samples. Model TOC-VCPN, Shimadzu.

(2) System of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), presenting an autosampler and photo-diode array, fluorescence and conductivity detectors. Model: Prominence, Shimadzu.

(3) Potentiostat/Galvanostat. Model: Autolab PGSTAT302N - High Performance, Metrohm.

(4) System of gas chromatography (CG), coupled with mass spectrometer (MS), presenting a flame ionization detector (FID). Model 7890 A / 5975 C, Agilent.

(5) Elemental analyzer (CNHS) for the determination of carbon (C), nitrogen (N), hydrogen (H) and sulfur (S) in solid and liquid samples. Model: 2400 CHNS Series II System, PerkinElmer.

(6) System for production of ultrapure water. Model: Milli-Q Advantage NS with Elix Integral 5, Millipore.

(7) Spectrophotometer UV-Visible, applied for the determination of absorption specters (from UV until visible band) of different aqueous solutions of interest. Model: UV - 1650PC, Shimadzu.

(8) Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AA) applied for the determination of metals in liquid and solid samples (in this cases, the samples should be pre-treated). Model: AA-7000, Shimadzu.

(9) Reactor Digestion for Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), applied for determination of DQO in aqueous and solid samples. Model: DR5000, HACH.

(10) Respirometer System for measurement of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD). Model: OxiTop IS 12, WTW.

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